UK universities in ‘plagiarism epidemic’ as almost 50,000 students caught cheating over last 3 years
October 16, 2018
57 DU law students fined for plagiarism
October 16, 2018

Add paragraphIn an effort to curb instances of cheating in examinations, Gujarat Technological University has come up with stricter punishments. This year, GTU has announced that students caught for plagiarizing or duplicating their PhD thesis will be barred from reappearing for the exam for seven years. Similarly, post-graduation students, if caught submitting fake research projects, will be barred for five years instead of three.

This semester, 440 cases of unfair means were reported during examination at GTU and two students found guilty have been barred for five years. They will now be able to sit for the exam in June 2018. Vice Chancellor Dr Akshai Aggarwal said, “The university revises its punishment table every two years after taking experts’ opinion. The committee is also planning to introduce special levels of punishment for students caught cheating with the help of electronic gadgets.” At present, there are a total seven levels of punishment for unfair means cases.

The examination committee hears the case and decides the punishment level. The examination committees has also mentioned that for the case of plagiarism, a committee of three subject experts shall be constituted to verify the case and punishment will be decided based on committee’s report. This report shall be put up before the examination committee to decide the type of punishment as per the prevailing norms of the university. A university official associated with the unfair means hearing committee said, “This year, a student wrote answers on the hall ticket with invisible ink.

The ink is visible only when a green film is put on it. Such kits are easily available in the market at cheap rates. He was caught by an invigilator who grew suspicious of his actions. This student was barred for three years. Two other students were barred for using dummy writers.” If a PhD holder is found to have used unfair means to get it, the university will immediately withdraw the degree, university sources said. text here.


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